Our staff has been involved with placing ATM's at special events ranging in size from 1000 to over 175,000 attendees. If you are the event coordinator of a sporting event, street fair, music festival, swap meet, or other special event, Left Coast ATM would appreciate the opportunity to provide your ATM services. If you should have questions about our services or need additional information, please call Left Coast ATM today. We can be reached 24/7/365 at (877) 622-3734.

What is the cost to place an ATM at your event?

There is no cost. Depending on the event size and location, Left Coast ATM may actually pay you.

Who provides the money?

Left Coast ATM will handle the loading and unloading of money.

Will there be a technician onsite during your event?

Depending on the event size and location, Left Coast ATM may have a technician onsite throughout your event. If no technician is placed onsite, Left Coast ATM would be available by cell phone with a response time of no more than 30 minutes.

When do we install and remove ATM?

Left Coast ATM will set-up when it is most convenient for the event coordinator; either the day before the event start date or by noon if there is an evening start time. We normally remove ATM as soon as possible after the event has ended.

Do we need a phone line or electricity?

Left Coast ATM uses wireless ATMs, so no phone line is required. Left Coast ATM does require electricity within 75' of the ATM location. Please ask for the exact power requirements.

What else do we need?

Just electricity. Left Coast ATM will provide everything else.

Have more questions or need our services?

Call (619) 750-6390