If your business already has an ATM ...

Left Coast ATM would like to become your new ATM provider. Once you have found the expiration date of your current agreement, please give us a call. Left Coast ATM has the perfect ATM solution for your business.

How old is your current ATM?

Does your current ATM offer the latest advertising options for you or your vendors?

An older ATM model (pictured left) probably won't offer the ability for additional advertising revenue. And isn't that what it's all about? Your business needs to take advantage of every revenue opportunity. Your ATM could have onscreen advertising for you business, other businesses, or in cooperation with your preferred vendors. Your ATM could also be printing additional marketing information (i.e. business specials, general business information, etc.) or coupons along with the customer receipt.

Does your current ATM perform to you and your customers satisfaction?

Does your ATM technician respond and/or arrive onsite within one hour if needed?

If your current ATM model is ever out of service? What is your technicians response time for getting your ATM back in service? If your ATM is out of service frequently or for extended periods of time, your customers will probably start finding another location for cash. This results in lost revenue for your business. Left Coast ATM takes pride in providing a response time of less than 1 hour (when geographically possible) for a technician to place the ATM back in service. This is critical in keeping your revenue source flowing.

Another consideration is how well your ATM is maintained. Is it kept clean for your customers? There is nothing worse than walking up to an ATM for cash and being afraid to touch the keys or trying to read through dirt and smudges. How about loading and unloading cash? Does the ATM remain out of service because of this inconvenience? This results in lost revenue for your business. Left Coast ATM can handle the loading/unloading of cash allowing you and your business to do what it does best .. assisting customers.

These are all questions, which depending on the answer can affect your business profits.

These are all very important issues when having an ATM in your business. When geographically possible we visit every one of our ATM's on an almost daily schedule. We ensure that the amount of receipt paper is adequate for the location while keeping the ATM clean for customer use. We take into consideration the business hours of operation and any special events in the area which may result in a higher transaction volume.


If you would like to own your own machine and be responsible for loading/unloading the money and keep the entire transaction fee, Left Coast ATM can provide you with the perfect retail solution for your location. For an additional per transaction fee the maintenance and supplies for your ATM can be covered.

We would be happy to sit down with you and discuss the possibilities of ATM placement at your business. Please call (619) 750-6390 for additional information or to schedule a meeting. You could have an new ATM installed within two weeks.